P/S is a minimalist optical sound meditation on simplicity and repetition building complex arrangements of audio-visual oneness, where the most basic geometric shapes draw intricate visual and sonic patterns.

P/S (2023)
- Relentless Melt No. 31: Abstract and Experimental Animation from Hong Kong, Close-Up Cinema, London, Thu 7 Dec 2023, 20:15 (screening curated and presented by Max Hattler + Q&A with Dr Paul Taberham)
- Punto y Raya Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, 11-15 Oct 2023 (installation at Cinemateca Portuguesa)
Director, Producer, Animation, Sound: Max Hattler
Editing: Max Hattler, Zhang Riwen, Ty Lok Yi
Coding: Sune Petersen
Country: Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong
Available formats: 4K UHD
Frame rate: 30 fps
Year: 2024
Preview version: 2023

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